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Once opon a time my daughters Michelle and Jaqualine were single girls and the best of friends (then and forever)… they would go down to a very very special basement full of beautiful wedding gowns… Michelle, only 16 at the time, had her gown picked out for her dream wedding… she tried it on and knew it was the one! However she did not yet have her husband… Soon when the time came for her wedding a few years later she went down to the special magical basement and behold the gown waited for her not yet worn by any other bride… Naseeb!!!

Thank you Hashem for the many miracles through the Shelly Cohen A”H Gamach
Milo Sutton


Dear Esther, I wanted to thank you and the Gemach for being here. For a lovely selection, flexible appointments, and endless patience. Being able to find the perfect gown for the wedding truly enhanced our happy occasion. Thank you so much for all your help, advice, and expertise. May we always continue to share in simachot together.Love,


To the Deal Bridal Gemach, I just want to sincerely thank you for allowing us to borrow some of the most beautiful gowns. I have to say that at first I was skeptical of finding “anything” at a Gemach, but no sooner than walking through the door did we realize how much chesed goes into this place. From top notch designer bridal gowns (currently at Esti’s) to the volunteers… The attention and energy put into helping each bride find a gown is amazing.Thank you for everything! We truly feel blessed! Keep up the good work!



Thank you so much for being so generous and helping us generously at all times. May you continue to do such chesed in good health and only simchot by you.C.C.


Dear Cohen Family, Your mother touched our lives in a very special way. Before a wedding things are always stressful. My son had a five week engagement. The brother had gotten engaged beforehand and their married brother, his wife and baby were scheduled to come in from Australia to attend that wedding. The family understandably wanted them for both.Your mother with her beautiful smile reassured us and graciously said “yours is to enjoy; we’ll do the worrying, everything will be done on time and everyone will look beautiful.”

In fact your mother was so gracious and accommodating that when my future daughter in law couldn’t find a gown in Brooklyn, I told her to come to the Deal Gemach. You put a smile on her face. The first gown she tried on was perfect but to make her feel more confident and sure of her choice your mother continued to help her try on different gowns for another hour. She did so with love and warmth. Not only did my daughter in law look beautiful, she felt beautiful and had a most pleasant experience.

Hashem should repay your mother’s kindness in Gan Eden. May she be a good advocate for her family and may we hear only of much nachat in your home.

In appreciation,


To the Deal Gemach,
Thank you so much for the dress I wore to my son’s wedding. It made me feel great and you saved me countless hours of shopping. I don’t think I could have found better, it was just how I wanted to look. Everything turned out beautiful thanks to your help.With much appreciation,


I wanted to thank all of you who are involved with the amazing chesed of the Bridal Gemach. Me and my daughters were able to feel so beautiful in your gorgeous gowns while making our husbands happy at the same time. All of you treated us with such loving care – as if we were million dollar customers! Thank you specifically to my dear niece Cheryl, Marlene Massry, and Mary – you made my dream come true!With love and profound gratitude,


Dear Esther,
We want to thank you so much for helping my daughter and myself find stunning gowns for her wedding on March 27th, 2011. Your selection is gorgeous and we just loved our gowns. Kamelia was so helpful and nice! It was a fun experience. I”YH in a couple of years, maybe we will be back for my son.Thank you for having your Gemach available to the community.

All the best,


I just can’t thank you enough for everything you did to help me and my mother find beautiful gowns for my wedding. It’s on account of you that I will feel like a princess at my wedding. I am so grateful. I appreciate all your helpThanks again,

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