Shelly Cohen Bridal Fund & Gemach

Paulette Tawil a'h and Shelly Cohen a'h on her wedding day Feb, 1971

The Shelly Cohen A”H Bridal Fund was started by Paulette Tawil A”H. She was a woman whose heart was as wide open as her doors. Her goal was to make sure that every bride had all that she needed. Paulette stated by lending out the wedding gowns of her four daughters. It didn’t end there; she would make sure her brides were taken care of down to the every last detail. Paulette treated each bride as if she were her own daughter. She quickly realized what a great need there was in our community. Many girls needed to borrow a gown due to financial reasons and many were simply looking for an alternative to buying. As the smiles on brides’ faces started growing, so did Paulette’s gown collection.

Paulette Tawil A”H handed her legacy over to her daughter, Shelly Cohen A”H, and the Gemach soon became the apple of her eye. “Shelly’s Brides” were the highlight of her day and got her through some of her hardest battles. Shelly was ill at the time and this great mitzvah illuminated her life. Every bride deserves love and patience, and she gave them an abundance of both. Each bride was treated with golden gloves. Today the legacy is continued by us, Shelly’s family, and a group of devoted selfless volunteers. The Gemach is currently in a storefront location, and boasts more than 400 gowns. We constantly buy bride and bridal party dresses to keep our inventory fresh and up to date. Our gowns are current styles and are competitive to all the upscale boutiques. When our clients come to us they voice how they only wished they had known about us sooner, and realized we have the gown of their dreams without the pressure of a price tag.

It’s been an honor to dress you for your special occasions and we hope to service you for many years to come. Our only hope is to continue growing and giving back to our wonderful community. May this great zechut be an elevation for Shelly Cohen’s soul, and may she see true nachat from this great establishment. We should all merit to see the coming of Mashiach, speedily in our days.

— The Cohen Family

What people are saying…

Thank you so much for the dress I wore to my son’s wedding. It made me feel great and you saved me countless hours of shopping. I don’t think I could have found better, it was just how I wanted to look. Everything turned out beautiful thanks to your help. — S.B.

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