Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?
We are by appointment only. Kindly request an appointment here, and someone will contact you to schedule an appointment.
Do you have mother and sister of the bride dresses or just bridal?
We have mother and sister of the bride as well as bridal gowns. We also have headpieces, veils, petticoats, and sneaker wedges.
How far in advance can I get the gown for my wedding?
Whenever you come for your appointment, you can take the gown home with you. Please note that gowns must be paid in full before taking them from the store. Once paid for, there are no refunds.
How long do I have to return the gown after the wedding?
10 days
Do I dry clean the dress after the wedding?
Dry cleaning is included in your rental fee.
Can I do alterations to the gowns?
You can do alterations as long as you don't cut any fabric.
What is the rental fee?

For bridal gown packages, the fee is $400. The package includes headpiece, veils, petticoat, sneakers, and dry cleaning. There is a $400 security fee, which we hold until the gown comes back. If the gown comes back in good condition, we release the security. If there is any damage to the gowns, we ask that you fix the damages before returning the dress. If we get the gown back with any damages, we will use the security to repair the damages.

For mother/sister gowns, we charge $150, which also includes any headpieces, petticoats, and sneakers. Dry cleaning is included in that as well. There is a $150 security deposit taken. The same rules apply for damages.

How do I return my gown?
You can contact the volunteer who took you in for the appointment to return the gown.